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About PJ Ferrell

PJ Ferrell is getting back into real estate after a twelve-year break. His personal investing is what lured him back into this field. After spending nearly two decades as a certified drink slinger and fun bringer in the hospitality industry, PJ is ready to help others find their next investment, home, or both and have fun doing it.

The adventure started in Memphis TN, paused in Austin TX, and has come to rest here in Dallas.
Some of PJ’s wins include managing several nightclubs and bars in Austin and Addison TX, booking live entertainment, organizing block parties, and consistently working at some of the busiest establishments in the Dallas area. In 2019 he invested in a neighborhood bar and grill and his group turned it around and made it profitable before he sold his shares to look for his next venture.

One of PJ’s current goals is investing in his real estate career and getting to meet new people through his business. PJ loves to travel and knows that coming back to a place that he can call home is important. That is why he knows the value in finding the perfect home for his clients. Whether being close to a gym or the best local restaurants and bars are what you are looking for, he wants to help his clients find that. PJ has his clients best interests in mind and will guarantee he will make the home buying experience easier while having fun too!

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